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  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    Identifying 3rd-party User Agent Strings

    Overview When reviewing your Kerio Connect serverside logs to identify the source of particular traffic, you may notice that device models are often expressed through various identifier numbers. T...

  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    Setting up the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate in Kerio Connect 9.4

    Overview You have upgraded to Kerio Connect 9.4 and want to make use of the automatic Let's Encrypt certificate creation process that was integrated directly within the Web Admin.   Solution Kerio ...

  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    Large Log cannot be Opened in Webadmin

    Overview Your Kerio Connect logs have grown too large, and you cannot open them for review, or your server may become sluggish when opening or viewing the logs. You receive the error “Log Exceeded ...

  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    DNS Records - Troubleshooting Article

    Overview This article explains how to troubleshoot DNS records connected to Kerio Connect Servers. Common symptoms related to these issues are: You cannot add the default 2048-bit DKIM key into yo...

  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    Fully Disabling Instant Messaging/XMPP Services

    Overview You have seen several XMPP or Instant Messaging-related errors in your server logs or noticed that their Java processes use more memory than expected. You have disabled the IM and XMPP ser...

  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    Understanding mtaFailedHard and mtaFailedSoft within stats.dat

    Overview While manually reviewing the stats.dat file within your mail server installation folder or using a custom script, you notice two variables, "mtaFailedSoft" and "mtaFailedHard," but it is u...

  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    Unable to Import Apple Format Contacts(.abbu) or Calendars(.icbu) Archives

    Overview A user has exported their contacts or calendar using Apples native Contact or Calendar application into contact archive (.abbu) file or calendar archive file (.icbu) formats as local backu...

  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    Backups and Data Recovery

    Overview Kerio Connect provides a built-in automated backup system for safely storing user mailbox and server configuration data. Admins can define a backup schedule based on their individual needs...

  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    Displaying or Hiding Shared Folders within Kerio Connect Client

    Overview Another user has shared a folder of content with you, and you require guidance on how to display or hide it within your Kerio Connect Client.   Solution Once a resource folder has been sha...

  • Benji Bizzell created an article,

    Sharing Contacts, Notes, and Task Folders in Kerio Connect Client

    Overview You want to share a folder with other users or groups within Kerio Connect to allow them to view or manage the Contacts, Notes, or Tasks within. You require guidance on how to enable this ...